who we are

Jay Davies

is a creative designer and filmmaker and has been travelling the world with a video camera since he was 18. Over the past two decades he's captured thousands of photographs and hours of film footage of the interesting people he's met along the way. Some of those experiences formed the basis for his clothing label; we walk. 

Jo Davies

is a former BBC journalist and newsreader.  With a decade of experience in current affairs, she has worked on many high profile stories including the abduction of Yorkshire schoolgirl, Shannon Matthews as well as a researcher on BBC Crimewatch.

After spending the best part of the past year watching the world around us we made the decision to leave our flat in Liverpool, our jobs, friends and families and take to the road in an old American camper van complete with a six month old RSPCA rescue puppy called Patches O'Hoolihan. Our plan is to spend the summer on the road capturing as much life, creativity and colour as we can. We then want to turn our footage into a film that will document a snapshot of post 2008 Britain; with an emphasis on the cultures that are emerging from these challenging times. Please feel free to email us with any feedback, input or recommendations of people and places to cover.  Thanks for joining us.

On location in our 1984 Dodge Van

Apart from making this blog and documenting our footage, we also make films for other people.  Below are a few clips from a web series we made in April/May about the World's fastest 'street-legal' car; a 1972 Vauxhall Victor called Red Victor 3. The footage was shot in and around Wolverhampton; the home of the Red Victor race team, and at the Santa Pod Raceway in Northampton.  Please check out the playlist below: